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10 Life Lessons from Ballet

Ballet is an amazing powerful practice; I started taking ballet classes as an adult, few years back by mistake. Little did I know, ballet would become my safe place, where I would find inner peace and so much more. I now recognise in my ballet journey universal patterns and laws and big truths about life. Sounds crazy, I know, but just hear me out…

Undermining Yourself: A 3-Steps Guide

To be honest, I could literally write a whole novel on self undermining, cause my whole life I did that. And I didn’t even know I was my own enemy for a veeery long time. But, hey, when you are oblivious, it’s kind of ok (or at least you think it is). The big issues being when your awareness gets to the level when you realise you self-inflict pain, doubts and garbage in your own little mind – and you cannot stop it.

The pain of walking away from the pain

And just when I thought I overcame my limits, new challenges arise. It is incredible how attached we become to our stuff, our life as it was and how uncomfortable a simple change, like quitting an apartment, becomes. So this is a post to let you know that, yes, when it comes to change, no matter how big or how small…. IT IS OK to be afraid and feel uncomfortable.

Life lessons from a bumpy flight

Everything happens so fast! I close my eyes and try to connect with my thoughts and keep calm. If I die in this flight, will I die happy? I kept on asking myself while everyone around seems to lose it. As in a dream, I hear the yelling from the passengers around and I can clearly feel through my skin the fear in the air. We literally jump from our chairs and my thoughts start turning faster and faster, like time is compressing…. and few lessons start emerging.