Three daunting stories

I want to share with you three little stories that changed my life. Little by little and at the right moment, I understood from each of them something deeper that words can explain.

“Once upon a time” there was a girl. She was raised just like the baby elephant in the first story. During a breaking moment in her life, she found out about the ring of Solomon and its teachings and slowly her pain was relieved. And years later, she got sick of howling like the dog in the last story, got up and changed everything.

I know, it doesn’t make any sense, but…. Bear with me.

….as I was sitting in the bedroom of my childhood, memories from that period come back to me like ghosts. I come from a small city, east of Romania, known for mustard production and nothing else, it is called Tecuci. Lately, life kept on bringing me back here and one week in a city where nothing happens gave me enough time to remember, forgive and let go.

I had in mind for a long time to share here three simple and true stories that changed everything for me. At different points in my life, I found myself in each of them.

My last months were a lot about… me. Discovering what is hiding deep inside (fears, limitations, traumas) is often a painful process. Sometimes it puts me off the bench. But… as I am putting down layer after layer of negative thinking and programming, I become happier and more resilient.

However, this post is not about that, but about three simple stories, which I discovered in this process. I heard them “by chance“ and all three had a great impact on me. They moved me to tears and changed something deep inside.

MAYBE you will find in these stories the same amazing power I found. I say MAYBE for a very specific reason: sometimes we are not ready to receive the lessons that life puts in front of us. Although we hear the words, our mind is simply blocking the information. That’s soooo important to understand!

The programmed elephant

About two months ago, I was listening to some podcast, while doing my morning run. There was this early spring, with blooming trees and sunshine. But inside I was struggling to find my spring and to bloom. I was in my world with my thoughts, detached from everything on a certain level.

And the guy in the podcast starts telling the story of the baby elephant…

The rope, the struggle, the sadness of the story went directly into my bones. When the story was over, I was crying like crazy…. Because I realised I AM SOOOO much like the baby elephant in the story. And, at the end of the day, aren’t we all?

Realising you have the power is the first step to change things.

(By the way, this story I heard 5 or 6 times before, but never actually understood its deep meaning).

A king and a ring

Years back, once in a while, my mentor would throw in conversations the phrase “this too shall pass“. At that time, I did not understand, but in a critical moment in my life, a friend told me the whole story.

That was a “game over” for me. I knew then and there that in whatever moment of my life I am…. this too shall pas. The wisdom of this simple story changed my universe completely.

I was in the darkest moment of my life, when pain seemed to have no end, when the depth of my desperation hit rock bottom. From then onwards, things started slowly spiraling up and changed completely my life.

The howling dog

The howling dog is the story that made me get up from where I was and get rid of the pain of an unhappy me.

I was moaning and complaining about so many things throughout my life. When I heard this story I realised I have two choices: either I continue sitting on the nail until it hurt too bad, or I get up NOW. This story made me understand there is no better timing than “now“ to start doing something different.

If any of these stories impacted you, drop me a line, would love to hear from you.

EXTRA: very much related to the story with the elephant is the Hudini story.


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