Blurb of a heart

The decision to change something

Whatever you plan to change, one thing is certain: it is a freaking big struggle. You got a vision, you got a dream, but each and every cell in your being is set to do things in a certain way; your logic is set to tell you the opposite than your guts. So what happens when you break the pattern? What happens when you have a breakthrough and you finally take that decision that might actually change your life?

The deep roots never doubt the spring will come

Life is seasonal, and so are our characters. We have good days and bad days, sometimes bad months, or even years. We cross hills and mountains and embark in journeys we never thought we would take. We go in the deepest and darkest corners of our existence on this Earth, just to come back to surface…. even brighter and more beautiful than ever before. We get our souls sunburned from too much love and we get blisters on our hearts in the race of finding that “something“ to fulfill our lives. In whatever point you are, up in the sky or deep in the waters of depression, never forget: deep roots always know that spring will come.

The value of a memory against 100 pictures

In few hours I will fly towards a city I have visited more than five years ago: Firenze, Italy. All that is left in my memory after seeing hundreds of other places in the meantime is this: few colourful shapes, the strong scent of coffee and his hand touching my shoulder. Weird enough: although I took hundreds of pictures of that place, I never went back to look at them. And this got me thinking: how many times do we actually check the tons of digital material we have stored? Maybe is time for a clean-up.

Indulge in autumn

I love the world that autumn builds in my heart. I love the smell of the morning chill and the one of the afternoon rain. I love the memory of that first evening when the autumn breeze smashes down the window and I finally reach for an extra cover. I love the coziness of cinnamon tea, roasted chestnuts and warm blankets. But what I love the most is how the nature plays with colours in this season.

1000 sunsets and more

And for the rest of my life, when I will watch a sunset, I will be thinking of you. I will remember you right in that moment when the sun sees the last point on this Earth, just when its shines with its final power and then all it leaves behind is bloody shades and darkness…. I will be thinking about us and about that sunset with black clouds above it. With shapes of storm and smell of the tropics. With the smell of destruction and the power of hell.

Cu dor de duca, with wanderlust

CU DOR DE DUCĂ underpins in me the flaring desire, even need to always discover something new (about myself, about the world, about people), while never forgetting my origins, my heritage, my core. It is about my turmoil, my fears, my lessons…