Why did I choose to quit my job

Six months ago, I embarked into one of the most thrilling experiences of my life. I dropped the Eurocrat badge and decided to radically change the way I live. From a European public servant, I became a jobless individual, looking for something meaningful.

EU, US & all that visa reciprocity talk

I see among the Romanian, Bulgarian and Croatian nationals an enthusiast wave of cheering, clapping and “Oh-my-god-justice-will-finally-be-done” attitude, after the European Parliament (EP) called the European Commission (EC) to take steps to reintroduce visa for American and Canadian citizens when travelling to EU. Being somehow closer to this topic, I would like to lay down the arguments why I totally disagree with this approach and why this would worsen the situation for the whole EU, should we ever get there ….

Protests in Romania: a story of resilience, determination & belief

Resilience. Determination. Energy. It was Day 6 of a historical movement in Romania: 600.000 people took over the streets on Sunday and continued to protest. It is now Monday and Day 7 of protests. It is amazing what love and belief can achieve. Romania, let ‘em all know how you truly are!


As I took off from a foggy airport at an indecently early hour, my heart started bouncing up and down. I rested my head on the window and watched the sunrise from above the sky, while the plane was speeding towards its destination. Home, finally, back home!!! And then another thought hit me: my wanderlust seems to have been slowly replaced by what I decided to call “homelust”. It is not quite about the same as being homesick, it is just a beautiful desire to be back home. Or as we say in Romanian: “un dor de casă”.

Indulge in autumn

I love the world that autumn builds in my heart. I love the smell of the morning chill and the one of the afternoon rain. I love the memory of that first evening when the autumn breeze smashes down the window and I finally reach for an extra cover. I love the coziness of cinnamon tea, roasted chestnuts and warm blankets. But what I love the most is how the nature plays with colours in this season.

What did I learn from mentoring a 17-year-old

It is healthy to be professionally challenged once in a while. And when the challenge comes from a 17-year-old, you really start putting things into perspective. Recently I was mentor for a day for Petru. He is a high school student from Horezu, Romania, sharp, inquisitive, respectful, well informed and super-duper-smart. The purpose of the program was to teach him things, but at the end I feel I had learnt so much more from him.

Six months after Brussels attacks (a personal perspective)

The 22nd of March started as any other week day. Around 7:30 am I left my place and walked to work, passing the Maalbeek metro stop on my way. It was a chilly spring morning, I had my mug of coffee, music playing loudly on my headphones, my hair looked good… […] By the time I got in the office and sent the first email, phones started to ring madly in each and every office from the long corridor. Two bombs were detonated in Brussels Airport.